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FREE High-Speed DSL Internet
Access at the Bear’s Den!

AT&T DSL at the Bear’s Den!  You’re on vacation in the Smoky Mountains but does that mean that you have to be out-of-touch with your friends, family, and business?  Not if you’re staying at the Bear’s Den log cabin in Gatlinburg.

What is DSL?  DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) technology delivers high-speed Internet access into the cabin. A DSL modem on our phone line splits the single phone line into two frequencies - one for data and one for voice. This lets you make and receive calls without interrupting the Internet connection.

High-speed DSL Internet Service gives you faster access to the things you love

  • Access to weather updates
  • Send and receive e-mail
  • Upload digital photos
  • Purchase e-tickets to local attractions
  • Get directions and maps
  • Get news on all of the exciting Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge, and Smoky Mountain attractions.   

Will I be able make phone calls while another guest is on the Internet?  Yes!  DSL doesn't tie up the cabin’s phone line, so you can be on the phone and online at the same time. No busy signals when friends and family try to call you.

Do I need to bring my own connection cables?  It never hurts to come prepared, but the Bear’s Den Internet service is WiFi (wireless) enabled.  If your laptop or PDA has wireless capability you won’t need cables at all.  We do provide a standard 25’ Ethernet cable for those guests that have computers without wireless cards.

What about email?  Before you leave home, you’ll want to make sure you know how to access your online email account.

I may need to check on my Business – Any tips? or Microsoft's are excellent Internet services that will allow you to connect with your computer at home or at the office.  Be sure to download the FREE software before leaving on vacation.  Then at the cabin, you’ll be able to view your remote computer as if you are there.

Got A Question About The Bear's Den?

We've selected Jackson Mountain Homes, Inc. to professionally manage our vacation rental cabin. The goal at Jackson Mountain Homes is to provide you with the best service possible. Got a question? Simply fill out the form below and a Vacation Specialist will contact you by email with the answer. Should you be planning a special event during your stay; such as a wedding, anniversary, reunion, or other gathering please let the folks at JMH know so they may help you arrange for flowers, fruit baskets or other special touches.

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